Vega and the Magic Apple

vega-cover-web-1In a world where junk food reigns supreme, there's a little light in the darkness to delight small children and encourage them to create their own natural healthy eating habits. Her name is Vega! Vega is a little character who teaches us about food enzymes, which we call ‘Zymes' in the book. She is the inspiration for all young children to incorporate natural whole food into their everyday meals
Do we want our children to be ‘Canaries in the coalmine'? We are in the midst of the biggest nutritional experiment ever, big food corporations are altering our food more than ever with additives, pesticides, altered fats and genetic modification Whether we like it or not today and tomorrow's children are our ‘canaries' in the mine of junk and over processed foods. Children with adult diseases like diabetes, obesity and unprecedented behavioural problems are our warning. Sick Children!! Our modern eating habits are taking us further and further away from the natural whole foods that Mother Nature provided for us to eat.
It is up to us to wake up to these frightening warning signs and take positive action.
This book is a storybook, activity book, colour in book, project book with recipes plus a supporting DVD. Vega and the Magic Apple the first in a series of young children's books which aim to address these health issues by producing fun, exciting and informative books that will encourage exploration into the world of natural whole foods.

Let Vega give you a hand.

jayden-vega-2-webTo associate good food with even more fun we have a Vega hand made puppet to help you tell good food stories and reinforce good eating habits for the young child in your life.vega-talking-web

She is very strong and durable and would make a great addition to your stash of weapons against junk food.

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