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The food dehydrator for do it yourself dried fruits, roll ups, herbs, meats and fish, without chemical preservatives.

Home food dehydration is not new technology but no other dryers have the 21st Century technology to make top quality, nutritious and delicious dried foods, as the EZIDRI. So easily produced without using preservatives or additives.

Dehydrating your food at home gives you complete control over the materials and methods used in home dehydrating and this can be an important health factor.

Dried food takes up less storage space than frozen, and this allows you to use space in your freezer more economically. It is a much easier and safer method of preserving fruit and vegetables than home bottling and canning, and the taste is incomparable. You can dry almost anything that you can eat. Think of the saving for the average household on items like dried fruit and breakfast cereal, for example, and you will soon realize some of the many economic advantages of drying food at home. 

Due to strong demand we have increased our range of Ezi Dry food dehydrators to add the Classic Everyday and the Snackmaker to the Ultra FD1000 we have always sold.

This provides a range of choices depending on your budget and requirements. We have chosen the Classic Everyday over five years ago and love it.

I have included a complete rundown on each dryer to make your choice easier

Classic Everyday

The EZIDRI CLASSIC EVERYDAY all purpose food drier is designed specifically for use every day. The modern, compact unit sits conveniently in a corner of your kitchen bench, ready to make tasty, nutritious meals and snacks. Makes up to 10 trays of dried food overnight so there's always something exciting for the school bag or lunch box

Product Information

Standard Accessories                                                                          
                                                       1 x mesh sheet.
                                                       1 x solid sheet
                                                       4 x Trays
                                                       Instruction/recipe book
Expandable to No. of trays:               10
Temp Control:                                  none
Temp Settings:                                 Preset 55 deg c Average
Materials:                                         Food Grade ABS Plastic Polycarbonat
Voltage:                                           230-240V AC
Frequency:                                       50Hz
Watts:                                              500W
Safety Features:                                Element: Thermal Cutout
                                                       Motor: Thermal Cutout
Warranty:                                         1 Year

Introductory Price                   $140.00   Buy Now

The Snackmaker

The EZIDRI SNACKMAKER makes delicious dried fruit, roll-ups,sweet and savoury snacks, muesli and health bars, corn and potato chips.

You'll be amazed at how quick and easy these snacks are to produce and the family will just love the results. Because dried food is light weight and space saving it is perfect for back packers, campers, boaties and school lunches. SOFT TOUCH temperature settings with visual indication make for easy user friendly control. Capable of drying up to 10 trays of puree for roll-ups at one

Product Information

Standard Accessories                     5 x trays
                                                    1 x mesh
                                                    1 x solid sheet
                                                    Instruction/recipe book
Expandable to No. of trays:            15
Temp Control:                               Soft Touch Control X 3
Temp Settings:                              35-50-60 degrees
Materials:                                      Food Grade ABS Plastic Polycarbonate
Voltage:                                        230-240V AC
Frequency:                                    50Hz
Watts:                                           500W
Safety Features:                             Element: Thermal Cut-out
                                                    Motor: Thermal Cut-out      
Warranty:                                      2 Years

Introductory Price                 $190.00  Buy Now

Ultra FD1000

The EZIDRI ULTRA FD1000 is designed for bulk food drying and preserving all your favourite fruits and vegetables. The fastest most efficient drier available today, the Ultra FD1000 has the capacity to dry up to 30 trays of produce at once.It is also capable of drying up to 15 trays of puree roll-ups, at one time.
features that will appeal to the more serious enthusiast.Just Slice and Dice - Set and Forget!

No Preservatives, No Salt and No SugarAll Ezidri units come standard with a 50 page book.

Manual and Recipe Booklet FAST EVEN DRYING The EZIDRI airflow pattern with micro processor and integrated PLD circuitry's, ensures accurate airflow temperature and exceptional expandability. These features ensure FAST EVEN DRYING with no tray rotation or loss of nutritional value through a slow drying process.

Manufactured to exacting certification standards, EZIDRI provides the most cost effective Home Food Dryers on the market with years of reliable, service backed operation

 Product Information

Standard Accessories                     5 x trays
                                                    1 x mesh sheet
                                                    1 x solid sheet
                                                     Instruction/recipe book
Expandable to No. of trays:             30
Temp Control:                                Variable Control
Temp Settings:                               30 - 63 degrees
Materials:                                       Food Grade ABS Plastic Polycarbonate
Voltage:                                         230-240V AC
Frequency:                                     50Hz
Watts:                                            1000W
Safety Features:                               Element: Thermal Cutout
                                                      Motor: Thermal Cutout
Warranty:                                        2 Years


Price                                     $369.00  Buy Now



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