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There are a number of products we use in our everyday life that we believe are a must to help us maintain our healthy lifestyle. All of these are available in our online shop and we have outlined their benefits here on the following pages.


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Over the past half century, primarily through our constant use of insulating foot-ware, we have become disconnected from the earth (particularly in western society) which has now proven to have had a dramatic effect on the health of the general population.book

Science has shown that our bodies are primarily an electrical instrument - the heart, brain, muscles, cells and all body systems function electrically. Even our emotions are literally "energy in motion." Today we live insulated from earth and our bodies become electrically stressed and charged with inflammation and chronic pain, a very unnatural state. Our bodies, like every electrical appliance, have to be earthed to complete the electrical circuit.

To achieve this we need to spend considerable time each day with out bare feet connected directly to the earth ie. 'Earthing. The effect of 'Earthing' is that it discharges electrical stress and restores the body's natural and stable electrical state. To experience the profound effects that 'Earthing' has in reducing stress and chronic pain: go outdoors and place your bare feet directly on the earth and ground yourself for at least thirty minutes each day.

For those of us that for one reason or another cannot find the time to do this every day the 'Earthing' products available on this site are for "use" to get grounded when indoors. They are "barefoot substitutes." Click Here for product range and prices

Di and I have the Bed Pad Earthing System it's about a metre wide and fits any size bed. You sleep with your feet on it. We have both noticed a big difference in how we feel and within two weeks I am only waking up once sometimes twice a night, for the three month prior I would sleep for two hours and wake up every hour after that. (I have, like many men of my generation, an inflamed prostate)

For the complete history on 'Earthing' purchase your copy the book 'Earthing - the most important health discovery ever, available on this site for $19.95 ea or free with any of the Sleep Products  .Click Here



EziDri Food Dehydrator

EZIDRI Food Dehydrators




The food dehydrator for do it yourself dried fruits, roll ups, herbs, meats and fish, without chemical preservatives.

Home food dehydration is not new technology but no other dryers have the 21st Century technology to make top quality, nutritious and delicious dried foods, as the EZIDRI. So easily produced without using preservatives or additives.

Dehydrating your food at home gives you complete control over the materials and methods used in home dehydrating and this can be an important health factor.

Dried food takes up less storage space than frozen, and this allows you to use space in your freezer more economically. It is a much easier and safer method of preserving fruit and vegetables than home bottling and canning, and the taste is incomparable. You can dry almost anything that you can eat. Think of the saving for the average household on items like dried fruit and breakfast cereal, for example, and you will soon realize some of the many economic advantages of drying food at home. 

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Hydros Steam Water Distiller

distillerRainwater is the most natural of all water, however, it is only pure at the moment of condensation. As rain falls to the earth through a polluted atmosphere it absorbs many impurities.

The Hydros Steam Distiller creates ?rain in a chamber?, intercepted at the point of condensation and brought straight to you for use. The water has been heated so that it turns to steam, leaving behind virtually all chemicals, inorganic minerals, and impurities. It is then condensed back into water ? clean, pure water.

Water cannot get any cleaner after being distilled by the Hydros Steam Distiller

Steam Distillation Removes Fluoride.

YES REMOVES minimum 90% of FLUORIDE.
Hydros Steam DistillerRemove Bacteria

Remove Viruses

Remove Chemicals

Remove Fluoride

This is the most Cost effective way to remove Fluoride from your drinking water

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