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Hi I'm Di Skelly Heron

My other great passion in life is Art. I have earned my living since leaving school as an artist. First as a commercial artist and then as an artist and art teacher.di art-ad-shot-1web

The similarities in creating great food and great art are uncanny. It's all about passion, getting our or out own way and letting the creative juices flow

‘Art from the Heart ‘is a term I use to describe the way I teach. My primary aim is to show my students how to connect to their intuition and paint from their feelings, rather than their intellect. I believe everybody can paint, it's like everything in life the more you do it the better your skills become. Working from photos or images will help you achieve this, but painting from your own ideas can be another matter altogether.

The real challenge is being able to interpret your feelings and dreams into a work of art. I guide my students through the layers of learned responses (mental blocks) that stop them from allowing their free flowing ideas through to the canvas, without all their fears and doubts clouding the picture.

Over 25 years of teaching art has helped me to design highly effective ways to help you unblock your feelings and allow you to create stunning art.

Join me in my studio and discover your true creative power.

I look forward to meeting you.
DI Skelly Heron


Art Classes

Learn to paint from your heart.
Create art with real passion.
Improve your painting techniques.

Come to our painting classes and discover your creative genius in a supportive, non-judgemental students-1-webenvironment. Friendly people, great music in a professional studio setting.

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Di Skelly Heron Bio

Di Skelly Heron
Gold Coast Artist

Di began her art career in Western Australia in 1967, in the field of commercial art. Di has focused on developing her own unique form of artistic expression. After 20 years in the commercial field, Di held her first solo exhibition during the America's Cup finals in Perth, 1987. The exhibition was staged on the cruise ship, Achille Lauro.


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Di Skelly Heron Portraits

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Words can never truly describe the essence of a person. Colour is the language of the soul and Di Skelly

jaz--di-web-1 Heron is a master at using colour to describe her subject's personality and true essence.
Power and Passion
Di works from photographs, preferably from her own camera, as this enables her to concentrate on feeling the subject's energy while she works. It is her unique ability to connect deeply with her subject that enables her to channel so much power and emotion through to the canvas.

The Wow Factor

Celebrate someone special in your life with a truly stunning portrait by Di Skelly Heron.


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